BLUE BELL, Pennsylvania (WPVI) — A Montgomery County, Pennsylvania woman is celebrating the birth of her 100th great-grandchild.

Peggy Koller, 99, of Blue Bell, got to hold the baby, who’s not only special because he’s number 100, but because his name is special too.

Koller William Balster.

“First thing out of the hospital, we went to Grandmom’s, introduced her to Koller. She was absolutely ecstatic,” the baby’s mother Chrissy Balster said.

“I’ve always loved the name Cole. And Chrissy one day was like, ‘What about Koller?'” the baby’s father Patrick Balster said. “So we thought about it. Then we went Koller William – which William Koller was (Chrissy’s) grandfather’s name.”

This big family grew from a small one. Peggy was an only child.

Action News profiled Peggy back in 2015, when she revealed she applied to be a nun in high school.

“I actually applied when I was a junior in high school but (William) talked me out of it,” Peggy told Action News.

They got married and welcomed 11 children. Then came 56 grandchildren.

“I wanted to have a big family. I think it’s difficult being an only child – it’s lonely,” Peggy said.

The family has gone on to include lawyers, educators, real estate developers, and one of Peggy’s sons even took over the family business – the well-known Koller Funeral Home in Roxborough.

“I always hoped for a doctor but never got one,” Peggy said with a laugh.

Chrissy Balster and her cousin Colleen were due just one day apart, so it came down to the wire as to which baby would become lucky number 100.

We now know Baby Koller has that special honor, but both babies are healthy and happy.

Patrick and Chrissy think they know a few of the secrets behind Peggy’s longevity and strength.

“She does work out twice a day, which is insane,” Patrick said.

“I think faith is the other one, I’d say. Faith and family. That’s what’s been keeping her going,” Chrissy said.

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