DURAND, Mich. – An alley has been dedicated to the late Patti Matejewski by the city of Durand.

The community has come together to honor the life of Matejewski, who they say was taken too soon.

Matejewski, 68, died in December 2020 at a local hospital. She is remembered for many hours of volunteer service throughout the city.

The alley is located on North Saginaw Street.

The Director of the Durand Chamber of Commerce, Candyce Wolsfeld said she hopes the alley portrays Patti’s vision for the Durand community.

“I hope that it tells them that this is a vision that Patti had for all areas of Durand and that she wanted to see beauty everywhere and I hope that this alley conveys that to the community,” Wolsfeld said.

The alley took over a year of work by many volunteers.

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