BRANSON, Mo. (KY3) -Clean-up efforts are underway in Branson neighborhoods after Monday’s strong winds and heavy rain damaged trees and left debris scattered.

When they woke up Tuesday morning, Branson residents said the storm scattered limbs across the subdivision, and trees were blocking the roadway in some areas. Lakewood estate maintenance crews say it will take a few days to clean up all of the debris. T

Throughout the Branson community, city leaders say severe weather snapped utility poles. City crews were out clearing debris Monday night. Neighbors say they had hail around the size of a quarter that lasted for quite some time.

Branson’s Donna Timmons was sitting on her porch talking to her neighbors when the storm rolled in. She and her husband watched one large tree limb snap and fall and knew it was time to go inside. She said the storm was a scary experience, and she’s glad no one was hurt.

“You could feel the cool air come in, and all of the trees started blowing,” said Timmons. “The branches were dropping everywhere, and then the rain came, and it was extremely sideways rain‚ real heavy.”

“We were very blessed we didn’t get any holes through the roof,” said clean-up volunteer Ralph Craig. “You gotta be careful when you cut the tree up in pieces. If you don’t, that limb will come down and knock the windows out.”

Timmons says the neighborhood fountain was also damaged after a tree limb fell on the pump line that goes out to the lake.

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