A select committee aide declined to comment.

The meeting with O’Brien comes as the committee has either met with or is in talks with a number of individuals from Trump’s cabinet. CNN had previously reported that the panel is particularly interested in learning more about conversations surrounding the 25th Amendment in Trump’s final days in office.

The committee recently interviewed former Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and former Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin.

As national security adviser, O’Brien was not a member of Trump’s Cabinet but sources say he was involved in high-level discussions about the 25th Amendment immediately following January 6. In a statement to CNN earlier this month, he denied that, saying, “I was at no time involved in discussions about invoking the 25th Amendment.”

CNN previously reported that O’Brien considered resigning from his post over Trump’s response to the violence that day but ultimately decided to remain in the job.

O’Brien was out of town on January 6 but his deputy, Matthew Pottinger, was in Washington and told his boss that day he was resigning. Pottinger testified publicly during the committee’s last hearing focused on Trump’s 187 minutes of inaction as the violence unfolded.

Multiple former Cabinet officials who have been interviewed by the committee were asked about the 25th Amendment, according to numerous sources familiar with the investigation. But the panel still appears to be seeking information about those discussions following January 6.

This story has been updated with additional details.

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