MIAMI – An Instagram model who was involved in the fatal stabbing of her boyfriend has been arrested in Hawaii.

The attorney for Courtney Clenney confirmed to CBS4 that she is facing a charge of murder in the April 3rd killing of Christian Toby Obumseli, who was fatally stabbed inside One Paraiso in Edgewater.

Miami State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle announced she will be holding a press conference Thursday at 2:30 p.m., to announce the filing of criminal charges against Clenney. 

On Wednesday, Clenney’s attorney, Frank Prieto, released the following statement: 

“We are completely shocked at Courtney’s arrest based upon the clear evidence of self-defense in this matter. Obumseli attacked her and choked her that evening; Courtney had no choice but to meet force with force.  Further, we are disappointed that the State Attorney sought an arrest warrant in this matter; we have cooperated with the investigation from the beginning with both the State and the City of Miami Police Department. We have always offered to self-surrender if charges were filed in an effort to begin the legal process of clearing her of the charges.”

“Courtney was seeking treatment for her PTSD and related issues to this case and it is an absolute injustice to charge a victim of domestic violence and human trafficking with a crime; Courtney was clearly defending herself.  We will vigorously defend Courtney and clear her of this unfounded and baseless charge.” 

In a previous CBS4 interview, Clenney’s attorney said, “This was not a crime. Courtney is innocent, she acted in self-defense and there should be no files charged in this case. We’re confident when the state attorney takes their final review along with the City of Miami police department, they’ll find that there’s no case here.”

Obumseli’s family said that he was a soft-spoken man and the idea that this was warranted is unthinkable.

“We have no cause to believe that this was a case of self-defense. Toby was raised with a, by a very strong family with strong morals, strong values, he does not come from that,” said Karen Egbuna, a cousin of Obumseli.

Prieto said Clenney kicked Obumseli out of the apartment she was renting in Edgewater a week prior to his death because of domestic abuse allegations.

These allegations Clenney made against Obumseli, her lawyer said, led to his death. 

Miami police said they were called to the condo to investigate a domestic violence call. There they found Obumseli suffering from a knife wound. He died while being transported to a hospital.

Prieto said the two were together for about two years and their relationship was complicated.

“It was clearly a toxic relationship, (they) had their ups and downs and, unfortunately, it culminated with his death,” he said.

Prieto said Clenney was actively seeking professional help to process the trauma experienced on the night of the stabbing.

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