The money you borrow from Kikoff can buy items in the company’s online store. The point of Kikoff isn’t to spend most of your $750 line of credit, though.

Kikoff is set up to directly improve your credit score. The Kikoff payment plan will help you build a credit history. The items for sale in the store start at $10, so you’ll use a small amount of your $750 line of credit. This low credit utilization ratio also improves your credit score.

First, sign up for Kikoff and get access to your $750 line of credit. A Kikoff account has a $5 monthly fee, which will be applied to your line of credit. Once your account is set up, you can then buy an item from the Kikoff store on credit. After you make a purchase, Kikoff sets up a minimum payment schedule that begins around three weeks after your purchase, and then proceeds on a monthly basis. The company will alert the three credit reporting bureaus (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) about your loan and report your payment history.

Because Kikoff doesn’t charge fees or interest on your line of credit, there’s no reason to pay off your loan early. Stretching out the payments makes them affordable and helps your account age and payment history grow. Once you’ve paid off your first purchase, make another one on credit and restart the process.

Payment history, credit utilization ratio and credit account age are all components of your credit score that the Kikoff line of credit can help improve.

Kikoff has a $5 monthly membership fee, which is applied to your line of credit. There is no interest for the Kikoff line of credit, which can remain open for an indefinite period of time.

There are no minimum qualifications for the Kikoff credit line – you get instant approval.

You do not need a credit score to successfully apply for a Kikoff credit line and your credit isn’t checked when you apply.

Kikoff is available in all states except Delaware and Indiana.

Kikoff is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has a C+ rating. Kikoff has a score of 2.3 (out of five) on Trustpilot. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau received 87 complaints about Kikoff in 2021, and the company gave timely responses in all instances.

You can reach out to Kikoff via email or through the app or online portal, which requires a login. There isn’t a customer service phone number listed on Kikoff’s website. Some customers have complained that it is difficult to contact the company to resolve issues.

Kikoff offers instant online approval for its credit line. Shop Kikoff’s store and track your payments via the Kikoff app.

  • People who have no credit and want to build a credit history.
  • People who don’t want to use a credit-builder loan or a secured credit card to establish credit.
  • People who have hurt their credit score and want to improve it right away.

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