President Joe Biden arrives to deliver remarks about the economy on Thursday. (Andrew Harnik/AP)

President Joe Biden’s aides located documents with classified markings at two locations inside his home in Wilmington, Delaware, the White House counsel’s office said in a statement Thursday.

The documents were located in a storage area in the garage and then an adjacent room, the statement reads.

Biden took a question on the statement following remarks on the economy Thursday morning. When asked by a reporter what he was thinking by keeping classified documents in his garage “next to his Corvette,” Biden said:

“My Corvette’s in a locked garage, OK? So, it’s not like they’re sitting out on the street.”

The documents were located following a search of the president’s homes in Wilmington and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. No classified documents were located in Rehoboth, the statement says.

The documents were found “among personal and political papers,” the statement reads.

Lawyers for Biden concluded their review of the Delaware homes on Wednesday evening.

“As was done in the case of the Penn-Biden Center, the Department of Justice was immediately notified, and the lawyers arranged for the Department of Justice to take possession of these documents,” the statement reads.

A person familiar with the situation said after the statement was released that in the case of the classified documents initially discovered at the Penn-Biden Center, Biden lawyers first notified the National Archives – not the Justice Department – which then in turn notified the Justice Department.

Biden’s lawyers followed “proper protocol” by first notifying the Archives with the first batch of classified documents, the person said, but because the Justice Department subsequently got involved and the president’s lawyers were then in touch with them, in the second instance, the lawyers informed the Justice Department.

The White House said it will continue to cooperate with the review by the Justice Department.

Biden largely read from the same prepared statement from the counsel’s office when speaking to reporters Thursday morning.

CNN reported Wednesday that Biden’s legal team had found another batch of classified documents in a search that began after classified documents were found at his former think tank office in Washington in early November.

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