NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) – More than 200 pounds of marijuana was seized by the Metro Nashville Police Department from a home on Monday night.

MNPD’s Specialized Investigations Division along with the DEA seized the marijuana from a home in the 4100 block of Crimson Hop Drive as part of a drug investigation of the resident, Thanouphet Mangala, 37.

Mangala was booked Monday night on a $100,000 bond on a charge of possessing marijuana for resale. A co-defendant, Jack Khounviengxay, 37, was booked on a $130,000 bond on felony marijuana and firearm charges.

During surveillance at the home on Monday, Khounviengxay, driving a Toyota Camry, was seen arriving and pulling into the garage. A short time later, the garage door opened and Khounviengxay left, as Mangala drove out of the garage in his Range Rover.

MNPD seize 200 pounds marijuana, 105 pounds worth was found in the suspects cars(Photo courtesy of Metropolitan Nashville Police Department)

Detectives and agents followed and stopped both vehicles. Inside the Camry were large black trash bags that were found to contain a total of 94 pounds of marijuana and a loaded semi-automatic pistol. Inside the Range Rover were black trash bags containing a total of 105 pounds of marijuana. Both vehicles were seized.

During the execution of a search warrant of the Crimson Hop Drive residence, detectives recovered 2.5 pounds of marijuana, drug ledgers and a money counter.

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